Thursday, February 4, 2016

Texas grapefruit

I went to log my grapefruit into my fitness pal and found that it weighed 371 grams. So, I researched whether or not when you put in the weight you peel the fruit first. You do!

After peeling it, it weighed 261 grams. Yay!

Sitting down to enjoy this sweet treat!

I bought these at Woods. They are non gmo verified. Texas sweet Scarlett's grapefruit. They are so sweet and juicy.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Baked pancakes- yum!!

Last week I made some pancake bites and froze them for meals later.

This morning I heated up 9 of them for breakfast. They are only 34 calories each. They tasted wonderful. They reminded me of waffles. I am happy that hubby bought me the mini muffin pans and that I thought to try them this way. I doubt I'll make the squares again. The squares were 114 calories. By the way the pancake bites made 48 bite sized pancakes. 

I found the awesome recipe here.

sorry I had to just copy and paste.

 She found it on another site that reviewed them as being bland and tasteless. I can see maybe the way they made it with just an eggwhite, but the comments people made about adding pecans to it made me realize they didn't know it was pancakes. I am guessing they thought it should taste like cake baked in a pan?

The recipe from there link I shared tastes just like what they are supposed to be. Pancakes.

These are delicious with syrup drizzled on top.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


A few weeks ago I decided I was ready to pass on Missy's things so I contacted a local pet rescue group and gave them her things. They were grateful for the supplies.

I came across her collar a few days ago sorting through a basket on my dresser. I wasn't going to keep the collar at first, just the name tag. Then I saw the stuffed dog I sewed and decided it could wear Missy's old collar and tag.


Hubby bought me a cool microwave gadget to cook eggs in for breakfast sandwiches.

I have to admit I like it very much! For years I was opposed to owning and using a microwave and I definitely did not have room for one in the camper. But after reheating our leftovers by warming them in the oven for an hour or more, I gave in.

I still don't know what I think about our food being cooked in one, but I have decided not to worry about it anymore.

And the taste benefits are amazing!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

And another use at that!

I was thinking what else I could use the wine totes for and after looking up ideas on Pinterest, I came up with another idea...

Mason jar holders. The totes are padded so they offer a bit of insulation. It holds a standard quart jar. I don't have any wide mouth jars on me so I don't know if they will fit. But if you're like me and liked to drink tea or lemonade out of a mason jar, it works great! You can also hold a pint sized jar in it. Taking some soup or salad to work? It even holds a half pint jar to keep your croutons or crackers in. Add a fork or spoon and a napkin and you're all set!

Unlike other tote patterns I found that have an attached handle, this one is built in so no chance of it coming loose!