Friday, May 22, 2015

Raw wool

A friend of mine asked me the other day if I wanted some raw wool. I said "Sure!" expecting a handful. Was I ever surprised to find that it was an entire fleece!! Twenty pounds worth.

Wow! Where to start?? I joined a great group on Ravelry who have given me a lot of help on the way.

It's been such a learning experience along the way. I've already been thinking of spinning wheels. :-)

I received a surprise drop spindle as a RAK gift from Ravelry last month and while I had fun playing around with it, I've found a local teacher who is going to help me understand how to use it better. I've also been gifted several bags of fiber from generous ravelers. I feel so blessed to have "met" so many neat folks.

One thing I received this year was more pen pals than I can write fast enough back through the RAK group on Ravelry. Ex-family wanted me to think that "No one writes letters anymore", but my mailbox is filled each week by friends that prove otherwise. Thank you to all my pen pals that write me. I'm so thankful for each of you. And speaking of letters, I'll be writing each of you back soon!!

I will be posting more pics of the raw fleece to wool yarn transformation.
The first picture is straight out of the box. The second picture is after a cool water soak. More pics tomorrow hopefully.

I can see in the future how addicting this is going to be. I may just never buy commercial yarn again. :/

Knit picks needles

My dear sweet hubby ordered these needles for me a week or so ago, and they came in the mail yesterday.

I really like them. I was trying to decide between these and the bamboo hiya hiya needles. I was fortunate to be able to try them both out beforehand.

I actually thought I'd go with the latter set until I ordered a "try it set" from knit picks.  I was hooked! The needles took a bit of adjusting but in no time my needles were flying!

I was worried that my fingertips would feel the points, but since using them I haven't used my fingertips once to slide the yarn off. The yarn just slides right off!

I haven't knitted this way before but loving it. Lol.

I've got two projects going so far on them, but keeping it a secret as they are gifts.

Will post up pics when received.

Friday, May 15, 2015

R.I.P. Missy 5/4/15

It is with sadness that I type these words.

Missy was attacked by a friend's Rottweiler while out on a walk with me.

Without going into details of that horrific night, we chose to put her to sleep when the vet told us her prognosis.

Missy will be greatly missed and always remembered.

Rest in peace, Missy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

First and hopefully last hail storm of the year

I made it through our first real hail storm in the camper. It's hailed a tiny bit before but not like this.

It was really loud but thank goodness no damage to the camper was done.

At one point I grabbed the mattress and slid under it with the dog. It only slides off a tiny bit before hitting the doors, but just enough to hide my head and upper body under. It's better than nothing.

Missy didn't seem to mind the loud pounding noises, but then again she can sleep through me vacuuming the house! (Sometimes)

She only had a fit when I locked her in the bathroom to take some pictures outside.

It never occurred to me to take pictures as it was hailing.

Here are a few shots I got afterwards.

Missy's routine

I started this blog post in late April but had trouble with blogger app so it never posted. I wanted to finish it.

Missy has set herself up on a bit of a routine around here.

In the morning, she usually comes down to the living room and has "Papa cuddles" before hubby has breakfast. Then she climbs back in her bed and waits for me.

I make the bed and get a blanket at which point, Missy props her paws up asking to come up. It's the only time she's allowed on the bed. Well, unless I'm there with her. I scoop her up and she cuddles at my feet or lays by the window bed I've made for her. We sleep in until 7:00. She hears the bus kids leave and knows it's time to play outside.

I leave the curtains shut before this time and as long as it's dark inside, she sleeps. But once the curtains are opened and the sun shines in, it's time to get up. If I don't want to sleep and want to check my email, I hide under the covers to read, because if the light is on, she thinks it's time to play. If she catches me moving about, I'll lay really still and pretend I'm asleep. And if all else fails, I yawn. Enough times and she yawns back and goes to sleep.

She gets free time alone outside by herself while I feed Freddie and start the laundry. I've watched her from the bedroom window to see what she does. She likes to run three houses down and find Freckles a dog we've nicknamed and brings her back to our yard to play. If she's not around, she looks everywhere for Cooper. If Cooper is outside and wants to play with Missy, he sits on the porch steps or walks back and forth the window she looks out of. She loves Cooper! When we first got Missy he was so afraid of her but now that they've met, they are inseparable. He's the one that introduced her to Freckles. He's taken her on tours of the neighborhood and taught her many things. He has an owner but is loved by everyone in the neighborhood.

Anyways, after lunchtime I bring Missy in for her nap. I can tell she needs one by the way she's playing with Cooper. She sort of yaps at him and acts like a toddler needing a nap. I'll bring her in and draw the curtains. I'll start yawning a bunch and hold her. If she's really sleepy, she tries to fight falling asleep. She'll fidget and lay down and not stay in one place.  She even makes little whiny sounds. At this point, I'll play "her tape". It's a thirty minute instrumental one and if she's truly tired she'll fall asleep within fifteen minutes of it playing.

I'll often tell her when she's whining at the door wanting to go outside rather than nap- "If you're not sound asleep in twenty minutes, you can go back outside to play." One time I was going to take a nap myself and put the tape on and went to the bedroom to get the blanket ready and I was gone for just a minute and when I came back she was sound asleep! Once asleep, she's out for 2-3 hours.

After she gets up, I put her back outside to play while I fold the laundry. She loves to follow me to the clothesline and keeps me company. I like to bring her in before the bus kids get off school because we were having trouble with them feeding her too many treats, but she's gotten better about not going over there all the time.

When I know hubby is on his way home, I'll tell her "Papa is coming home" and her face lights up and her tail starts to wag. If she's inside, she runs to her window and stares out the window. And scratches at the glass when she sees his face looking back at her. But if she's outside, she waits in the driveway and knows the sound of the car. She gets so excited when the car pulls up. She waits and when the door opens she jumps into hubby's arms and showers him with kisses.  Then, she follows him inside for more pets and scratches.

If I'm with hubby in the car, she will hop on his side first then climb over to me and give me kisses. She keeps me company while I unload the groceries. I usually have a surprise for her and she knows it. But I have to give it to her inside because Cooper likes to steal her toys and bones. We've taught her some tricks and she learns them fast. She can sit, lay down, roll over, shake, give a high five and speak. She's funny about the last one because she thinks if you're eating she has to sample it too. Of course, I like to give her a taste of most everything I eat. She thinks the way to get a bite is to get in your face and bark. And if you don't she'll keep barking until you do. We don't reward her for that, but it sure makes us laugh!

In the evening we like to play fetch in the back yard. She is good about bringing the ball back. When she's tired, she'll either not get the ball or not bring it back. That's when she gets in her pool and cools off. She likes the water just tall enough to get her paws wet, but not too deep to get her upper half wet. If that happens, she'll race all over the place trying to dry off.

Once a week she gets a bath. She sits in the tub and puts up with it even though she doesn't like it. Afterwards when I dry her off and she's put in the living room, she runs back and forth on the carpet, growling and barking. It's like she's telling me off or something. She is quite noisy about it!!

I try to brush her every day and clip her nails when they get long. She gets a special treat afterwards. She loves bach flower remedies and stands with her paws up still to get a few drops on her nose. We used this on her when she would go "bye bye in the car". She's really mellowed out now and loves to go in the car. I have to use her harness on her because she practically hangs out the car. Of course I hold onto her as well. She doesn't seem to understand how fast we are going. We like to take her on rides in the country. There is a particular house with a dog that likes to chase us and she's learned the way. She knows right where he'll be and barks at him when he chases us.

We really like having her around. Days and evenings used to be boring without her, but now she keeps us entertained.

We recently started taking her on our evening walks on her leash. We debated about whether or not to leave her free, but I like knowing she is right beside me. Plus, her nails stay trimmed walking on the street. We just got her a new harness which she likes. It doesn't seem to choke her as the collar did.

She knows when it's time for bed. She likes to sleep behind hubby's chair. I'll take her out for her final break though waking up at 1:30 in the morning is normal. Especially since she likes to empty her water bowl right before bed. I always use the leash at night otherwise she runs off. And with skunks out and about... When we start to brush our teeth, she climbs into her bed if she's not there already. Hubby and I will start to yawn and she'll yawn right back. It's funny because sometimes we get up extra early if Nick is going to hunt or has a trip and she'll get in our face and yawn like she's telling us to get back to bed. If that doesn't work, she'll just go back to bed.

She's the love of our life and the joy to our hearts. We love her so much!!